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Title 34 Ton Side Tipper Required,
Salary R40 000-R50 000 per Truck
Start Date 2014-02-01
Location Witbank
Job Information

Our clients require minimum 3 Side Tippers for a contract, No brokers direct client, Contract details are as follows:

Appendix A


The rates below are subject to the terms and conditions of the contract attached. Increases and decreases in statutory portions of the rate will be applied as and when publication in the Government Gazette takes place. Normal rates will be negotiated 30 day’s prior the start date of the agreement attached.


Type Vehicle Required






Rate per load

Side tipper 34 T Witbank Brits        


All off the above rates Exclude VAT.

Specific Transport instructions and or added value offer.


The following points below must be noted as they form part of the main contract.

Point no. Description Start date Responsible
1. 6 work days per week    
2. 1 x 34 ton Side Tipper.    
3. Diesel on Account    
4. 1 Driver per truck.    
5. 3 Trips per day    
6. Payment 30 Days after invoice. Invoice on the  30th of the month    
7. Git @ R 350 000    
8. Coal  (Peas)    
9. 5 Year contract    
10. Truck Necessities: Rotating light, Fire extinguisher, Reverse hooter.    
11. Driver Necessities: Safety shoes, Hard hat, Ear plugs, Reflector vest.    
12. On Spread sheet: Vehicle Reg. No., Trailers Reg. No., Reg. documents, Driver name, ID, Cell ,Copy of licence with p.d.p.    
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