Simply said “we get you clients/suppliers”

Most companies fail not because of financial stability but access to a solid client base or rather lack of it, or it may also be business relationships that assist you to service your clients such as your suppliers (they might in turn affect your business by not delivering as per agreement or your company may not be able to afford their services).With our consulting side, our aim is to get you a client base/suppliers to grow your business and in turn growing Vizion.

Vizion will build our clients business by sourcing out a potential clientele/supplier list from our database that will suite and accommodate the relationship with a minimal/ reasonable cost thus growing our clients business.

What makes our model unique is that for consulting we charge on service delivery and not before, meaning, when a client renders our services, we will only start charging a small fee once we get to fulfill the agreement.. The fee will be based on the services/business brought in. with this Vizion will do the following for our clients:

  • Aim to get clients/suppliers or our clients
  • Maintain the business relationship for the agreed duration
  • Service our clients needs to the best of our capabilities
  • Aim to grow our clients business
  • Get suitable client base/supplier based on our clients individual unique need

At Vizion Consulting we are dedicated to growing our clients business at a low cost and only charge on results.

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