Looking Back- 2013 has come and gone and with that we tend to look back at our achievements, misfortunes and celebrate both.

For Vizion 2013 was a year of greatness we took the lessons we learnt from the years before to create and Launch the Vizion Consulting (Pty) Ltd on the 15/11/2013, and within the first month reaching just over 500 people in the first week, to acquiring Pholas Events (restructuring it and launching it with the start of the new year) with hits just over 500 in its first week and Currently offering a construction company business consultation and in the process of acquiring a printing company and assisting a logistic client with expanding their business.

We have started the year with a bang and looking forward to what 2014 has in store for us. We have had a great start and looking forward to an even greater year(s) ahead.

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